Being the only policy researcher in the company, I work across all teams and projects helping to integrate our cutting-edge architecture into a broader cultural, economic, and political urban context. Since I joined the firm in 2017, I have contributed to developing concepts for architectural tenders in over fifteen different countries, from the UK to China to Honduras. My job includes engaging with public and private stakeholders and generating evidence-based master planning solutions. On top of that, I am working directly with Patrik Schumacher, Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects, on bridging the gap between architecture and free market thought.
As a Templeton Research Fellow, I investigate the future of private urban development under the supervision of Professor Mark Pennington, the leading expert on Elinor Ostrom’s theory. In my PhD dissertation (Cities as Firms: The Coasian Case for Private Urban Development), I look at private cities through the lens of the transaction costs theory developed by the Nobel-winning economist Ronald Coase.
As a Frédéric Bastiat Fellow, I have participated in multiple colloquia on the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington Schools of economics, entrepreneurship and innovation, government regulations, and crisis response. My article “A Tale of One City. Lavasa as a Coasian Prototype of a Private Urban Development”, which I wrote as part of my Bastiat Fellowship, was featured in the book Institutions & Incentives in Public Policy An Analytical Assessment of Non-Market Decision-Making (2022).
Recipient of the John Blundell Studentship, a study grant aimed “to enable freedom-minded students to embark upon postgraduate study or research work”. Commentator and panellist on the future of cities, housing regulations, and the public realm. My policy paper advocating deregulation of the UK housing market was quoted by The Times, BBC, The Telegraph and other major media outlets.
The largest pro-liberty student organisation in the world. I have been involved with SFL since 2014, particularly with the Ukrainian chapter. The regional conference I co-organised in Kyiv became the biggest in Europe by date and won the “Event of the Year” award. I have also spoken at conferences in the Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, the UK, and the U.S.
My responsibilities as a Board member include liaising with international partners and fundraising. In 2010, I co-founded the Moscow-based Adam Smith Forum, an annual event that has eventually evolved into the leading platform for discussing market reforms in the post-Soviet world. The event was such a success that we used it as a template for similar forums that we held in various Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
After the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in 2014, being half-Ukrainian myself, I eagerly accepted an offer from Atlas Network to work with a Kyiv-based team advocating market-based solutions to Ukraine’s economic crisis. My job, apart from managing an online magazine, included travelling throughout Ukraine to discuss economic reforms with students.
Member since 2021. Winner of the 2018 MPS Hayek Essay Contest. My paper titled From Sharing Economy to Private Cities: Why We Need Hayekian Competition in Urban Development was presented at the Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting in Gran Canaria.
Master of Public Policy class, 2016–2017. My Summer Project (thesis) “Pedestrianising the Heart of London” laid the foundation for the Zaha Hadid Architects’ research project and exhibition Walkable London: Upgrading the Urban Prosperity Engine held at the New London Architecture centre in 2017–2018.
President, 2016–2017. The Society was founded in Oxford in 1982 to promote the ideas of economic and personal freedom on campus and unite like-minded scholars in the spirit of classical liberalism.
Secretary, 2016–2017. The Society promotes Ukrainian culture and intellectual heritage.
The Free Cities Foundation is a diverse team of professionals working to advance human freedom and prosperity through supporting innovative governance worldwide. After completing my doctoral dissertation on private cities, it was a logical step for me to join a think tank whose mission is to support the creation of a global market for free private cities. My role as a Senior Economist is to back our advocacy and consultancy efforts with evidence-based research to promote permissionless innovation in governance and help establish free societies in our lifetime.